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Our founder has been living in France for 6 years while implementing eco-friendly lifestyle in her daily life. When she return home to Indonesia, she realised that most cleaning products found in the market are still full of toxic and harsh chemicals. 

She decided to create Purefyl.

Purefyl mission is to improve problems in conventional cleaning industry — ingredients, packaging, and efficacy, all while offering green alternatives that are gentle for your house, skin and the earth.

We believe that making changes to have a positive impact on the planet can simply start from our homes. Our goal is to help you contribute to a cleaner planet by reducing the environmental impact of cleaning products, and creating non-toxic products. To accomplish this, we redefined cleaning products that focus on 3 main values:

Protecting your loved ones

To protect your family’s health and skin, we use ingredients that are plant-based, free of harsh chemicals, and child and pet safe.

Consuming responsibly

Our products are biodegradable, we don’t use single-use plastic bottles, and our refill pouches are recyclable, save more than 70% in plastic and energy, and eliminate the water weight during transportation.

Giving back

Purefyl is proud to be member of 1% for the planet. For every purchase, we make a donation to environmental non-profit organisations who address issues in water pollution and contribute to the protection of wildlife and natural species.
Find out more about our ingredient transparency: